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Rosie's Round-the-Clock Recipes

Rosie's Round-the-Clock Recipes

Rosie's Round-the-Clock Recipes

anna magnowska

Rosie Sykes is a chef, food-writer and co-author of  The Kitchen Revolution. In this exclusive series, Rosie makes tasty, healthy, inexpensive dishes that are easily adaptable for breakfast, lunch or dinner - and perfect for shift workers. 

Illustrations by Aurélie Baudry-Palmer


The recipe below is designed to be very versatile and portable.  The idea being it can be taken to work in various components and assembled quickly in break times and be healthy and sustaining.
Even if you only have a tiny ice box making things in larger quantities and freezing will make life that little bit easier.

This recipe is originally Scottish where they are called bannocks and are particularly popular in Shetland where they are eaten with salt lamb. I have adapted them a bit so there is a choice of a thick or thin pancake which makes them more versatile. Pinhead oatmeal is available in health food stores. 

So easy to make, these pancakes store well and are quick to make in a batch and freeze.  This recipe makes about 20 thicker American style pancakes or nearer to 30 thinner ones.  The oatmeal gives them a distinctive nutty flavour and a nice firm texture which makes them quite filling.  Pinhead oatmeal is essentially gluten free so this recipe is good for those with that particular allergy, the recipe can also be dairy free by using whichever milk substitute suits.  I have tried it using oat milk but can imagine a nut or soya milk would be good too.  Depending on how you plan to serve the oat pancakes you can cut down or leave out the sugar.

You will need:
375g pinhead oatmeal
Generous pinch of salt
1 tbsp soft brown sugar or honey
400ml milk
200ml water
2 eggs
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Plain oil or butter for frying

Mix the oatmeal, salt and sugar together and then slowly stir in the milk (if using honey stir that into the milk first). Leave to soak overnight so that the oatmeal expands. 

Next day stir in the eggs and bicarbonate of soda, you want a thickish creamy batter.  Preheat a heavy-based frying pan, non stick is preferable.  Grease with a little oil or butter and when the pan is hot drop a generous tablespoon of mixture into the pan.  Let the pancake settle, it should expand a little until you end up with something about 1cm deep 10-12cm wide.  Cook for 3 or so minutes until little bubbles start to burst and the pancake is set and golden brown on the bottom, flip over and cook until set and golden brown on the side nearest the pan.

If planning to eat the bannocks right away pile them in a cloth to keep them soft and warm.  If planning to freeze and defrost, freeze in a flat layer and once frozen store in a bag.

They will defrost beautifully and warm nicely in a microwave on a medium heat for a minute or so or in medium hot oven for 4 or 5 minutes wrapped in foil so they don't get too crisp.

To make thinner pancakes add another egg.  When cooking thinner pancakes pour the batter into a pan and swirl it until it covers the pan in a thin layer, leave to cook over a low-medium heat until browned on the bottom and totally set.   Flip over and brown on the other side. 

Serving suggestions


The thicker American style pancakes seem more breakfasty.
Try them warm with fresh fruit or fruit compote and yoghurt
Or like a crumpet with butter and jam or honey
Or for a big blow out breakfast with bacon and scrambled egg
All of these things should be easily transportable and reheatable in microwave.


Both types of pancake would work well, with savoury toppings or fillings:
Smoked mackerel, creme fraiche and salad
Ham, boiled egg and grated beetroot
Prawns, pickled cucumber and yoghurt dressing
Cream cheese, salami and pickles
You could  even crumble cheese into the batter so it has some melted cheese through the pancake
A cheese sauce with leeks and cauliflower and bacon could be rolled in the thin pancakes
Or a smoked haddock and parsley sauce
Or Cream cheese with spinach.

The options are endless once you find the ones that you really like they will become firm favourites.
If you fancy having them as a pudding option how about bananas, cream and brown sugar.